Lacey Johnson

Our Benton 5th and 6th Grade Band kids are getting excited (and perhaps a bit nervous) for their upcoming “Festival of Bands” concert on February 14, at Benton High School. This very special concert features performances by all Benton and Central Lutheran band students, from our 5th-grade beginners to our soon-to-be graduating seniors. I am constantly amazed by our young people’s musical growth, especially when you consider the hard work and dedication they have put into learning their music and instrument. Even more amazing is how music has helped shape each of them into strong, kind, and caring young people I am proud to call band kids.

As the 5th and 6th Grade Band teacher, I aim for band to be fun, engaging, and individualized for each student’s musical and personal growth. In addition to preparing for the “Festival of Bands” concert, many of our young musicians have pursued additional opportunities, pushing themselves to learn new skills to collect their “band belts”, participating in area honor bands, and learning solos and ensembles for our December “Carol Cafe” and our March “Solo/Ensemble Contest.” Our 5th and 6th Grade Band kids are enthusiastic about learning and making music, and many of our 4th graders are already so excited to start band next year!

In addition to their musical growth, band kids are developing strengths they can carry forward for the rest of their lives, including bravery, perseverance, and self-confidence. Band students learn how to be good teammates, responding to others in ways that are helpful and kind. Band musicians work on a growth mindset, learning that taking chances and working hard leads to success, and success is fun! In band, kids are making memories and building friendships that will last their entire lives. Music is a lifelong pursuit and can add joy, meaning, and connection to our lives. I am happy to provide such opportunities for our young musicians at Benton.