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Curriculum & Instruction

Priority Standards

Elementary & Secondary Priority Standards - These are the Iowa Core standards that have undergone the evaluation of our district staff for leverage, readiness, endurance, and teacher judgement. All Iowa Core standards are taught throughout our system. These priority standards are the standards that students are formally assessed on.

School Library Book Search

Destiny - At Benton Community, we use Destiny as an online databased to house our books available for checkout in each of the school libraries. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Anna Selk at aselk@benton.k12.ia.us or Chris Frimml at cfrimml@benton.k12.ia.us.

Learning Management Systems

Seesaw - All elementary students throughout the district utilize Seesaw as a method for communicating information from the building and classroom levels. This is also where students will share their work in a digital portfolio. Parents are able to see work their student is completing and also comment or "like" their child's artifacts. Each student is assigned a password protected account at the beginning of the school year.

Schoology - This learning management system is utilized by all staff at the 7-12 level. Students are enrolled and coached on how to use the tool. They have access to complete assignments, check grades, access class notes, and more through their Schoology app. Teachers at the MS/HS use this as one method of getting information and instructional resources to students. Parents are strongly encouraged to access their parent account to view all that students are able to view. A parent tutorial can be found here.

Character Strong

This is a research-based character education curricular resource implemented throughout the PK-12 system at Benton Community. The focus of this resource is on engagement, well-being, and belonging. It is differentiated by grade level.


District & State Assessments

Benton Assessment and Reporting Calendar - This is a selection of different types of assessment that occur throughout our system. Assessment helps us identify student understanding of the core standards. Assessment also helps us know and understand how our system as a whole is performing on different measures. Additional assessments will be given by classroom teachers.

Iowa State Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP)

ISASP Resources & Communication - This is a statewide assessment given in the final quarter of the school year to all districts throughout Iowa. Updated communication will be shared prior to administration of this assessment.


Information about any curricular resource used throughout Benton Community may be directed to Anna Selk, Associate Superintendent.

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