Administration Team

Office of the Superintendent
Superintendent Dr. James Bieschke leads the district to ensure Benton Community School District provides "Quality Education for a Lifetime of Learning." The superintendent reports directly to the Board of Education. 319-228-8701, x-1503

Associate Superintendent
The Associate Superintendent, Anna Selk, serves as the Director of Curriculum and Instructional Services, Director of Student Services, as well as Director of Teacher Leadership at Benton Community School District. Mrs. Selk provides instructional resources, leadership, and professional development training to support continuous learning for our staff ensuring all students receive top-notch education opportunities. 319-228-8701, x-1512

Rob Arnold, High School Principal, 319-228-8701, x-1350

Shawn Pfiffner, Activities Director & Assistant High School Principal, 319-228-8701, -1352

Ryan Junge, Middle School Principal, 319-228-8701, x-1351

Phil Eastman, Norway Intermediate Principal, 319-228-8701, x-2222

Jason West, Atkins Elementary Principal, 319-228-8701, x-4216

Katie Bauder, Keystone Elementary Principal, 319-228-8701, x-3001

All Principals report to the Superintendent.


Food Service Director
Dawn Morris is the Director of Food Service. The Food Service and Child Nutrition Program offer nutritious breakfasts and lunches at every Benton Community School Center. 319-228-8701, x-1119

Human Resources/Business Office
Melody Spence is the Director of Human Resources and Business Services. The Human Resources Department handles recruiting, hiring, and retaining exceptional employees, as well as payroll and accounting. All personnel information can be found by visiting the Human Resources page. She is also the School Business Manager overseeing all of the financial operations of the district. Also serving as the Board of Education Secretary, Mrs. Spence reports to the Superintendent. 319-228-8701 x-1505

The Director of Technology, Tyler Maschino, equips all 4 schools in the district with their technology needs. Students at the primary level all have access to iPads, and students at the intermediate and secondary levels have access to Chromebooks. Additionally, Mr. Maschino ensures leading-edge learning through software and subscriptions to give our students access to forefront technology. Parents/Guardians also have access to classroom information and grade postings through web-based student information sites. 319-228-8701, x-1200

Benton Community School District's Transportation department provides safe and reliable transportation to approximately 1,600 students daily, covering 342 square miles, including the communities of Atkins, Blairstown, Elberon, Keystone, Newhall, Norway, Van Horne, and Watkins. The Director of Transportation, Tim Lyons, heads the Transportation Department. 319-228-8701, x-1043