Christy Deutsch

Interventionist - Atkins Elementary

- Christy Deutsch

Dee Kulbartz

School Nurse - Norway Intermediate

- Dee Kulbartz

Kelsey Kearns

Special Education Teacher - Middle School

- Kelsey Kearns

Jamie Telgenhoff

Spanish Teacher - High School

- Jamie Telgenhoff

Anne Epping

5th Grade Teacher - Norway

- Anne Epping

Emily Schulte

School Counselor - Keystone Elementary

- Emily Schulte

Jessica Bolar

Kiindergarten Teacher - Atkins Elementary.

- Jessica Bolar

Natalie Nesbitt

7-12 Grade School Counselor, Middle & High School

- Natalie Nesbitt

Heather Mayrose

English - Language Arts Teacher - Middle & High School

- Heather Mayrose

Samantha Kesterson

6th Grade Teacher - Norway Intermediate

- Samantha Kesterson

Dawn Arnold

Mathematics Instructor - High School

- Dawn Arnold

James Bieschke


- James Bieschke

Emily O'Connell

Instructional Coach - Middle School & High School

- Emily O'Connell

Kim Fisher

Instructional Coach/PK-6 Curriculum and Professional Development Leader, Keystone Elementary

- Kim Fisher

Kayla Hahn

Instructional Coach at Atkins.

- Kayla Hahn

Anna Selk

Associate Superintendent

- Anna Selk

Larry Carlson

Instructional Coach at the Middle School/High School & Norway 6th Grade Team

- Larry Carlson

Shawn Pfiffner

Athletic Director & Assistant High School Principal

- Shawn Pfiffner

Tim Lyons

Transportation Director

- Tim Lyons

Katie Bauder

Keystone Elementary Principal.

- Katie Bauder

Adam Bauder

New for 23-24 School Year - Physical Education Teacher - MS/HS & Norway

- Adam Bauder

Emilie Braley

New for 23-24 School Year - 4th Grade Teacher - Norway

- Emilie Braley

Bobbie Comisky

New for 23-24 School Year - 6th Grade Teacher - Norway

- Bobbie Comisky

TJ Comisky

New for 23-24 School Year -Science Teacher - MIddle & High School

- TJ Comisky

Alissa Dengler

New for 23-24 School Year - 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher - Middle School

- Alissa Dengler

Jeff Funk

New for the 23-24 School Year - Business Teacher - Middle School & High School

- Jeff Funk

Kallie Phinney

New for the 23-24 School Year - 3 year old Preschool Teacher -Keystone

- Kallie Phinney

Lori Schlee

New for 23-24 School Year - Interpreter - Atkins Elementary

- Lori Schlee

Colin Waters

New for 23-24 School Year - 6th Grade Teacher - Norway

- Colin Waters

Taylor Warren

New for the 23-24 School Year - English Teacher - Middle School & High School

- Taylor Warren

Kellie Welsh

New for the 23-24 School Year - 2nd Grade Teacher - Keystone

- Kellie Welsh

Anna Zittergruen

New for the 23-24 School Year - Social Studies Teacher - Middle School & High School

- Anna Zittergruen


Bobcat Way

We boast both the benefits of a small town atmosphere with the rich advantages of being located in a prosperous area of Iowa, and we call the benefits and core values we embody, THE BOBCAT WAY!

Community Traditions

Our school district embraces the best of each of our community's rich traditions and celebrations and combines those strengths as the foundation and character of our school district.

Small Class Sizes

Our elementary schools average 19 students per classroom. For next year, we anticipate an additional section of Kindergarten and 1st grade!

Focus on Literacy

Our district participates in the Literacy Project, sponsored by the Iowa Department of Education. We are focusing on literacy and reading in our elementary classrooms and will provide acceleration and enrichment for our students K-6th .


We are a one-to-one laptop or iPad school for all of our students. Students use either Chromebooks or iPads, depending on their age.

Geographic Footprint

Benton Community School District's geographic footprint covers 342 square miles and includes the communities of Atkins, Blairstown, Elberon, Keystone, Newhall, Norway, Van Horne, and Watkins.