Jeanette Ziegenhorn

Field trips are FINALLY back, and thanks to the Benton Community PTO, third graders at both Atkins and Keystone Elementary were able to go see the artwork of an artist they learned about in art class: Grant Wood. 

This fall, all 3rd grade students went to visit the Cedar Rapids Art Museum and Grant Wood’s actual studio, only a few blocks away.  In second grade, students study this famous regional artist and create an inspired multi-media landscape.  They look at, and discuss paintings including “American Gothic” and “Stone City.”

Grant Wood was not just a painter. He was also a wood carver and sculptor.  His actual studio has been carefully preserved.  Students got a chance to sit in the same room that he once used to create some of his most famous paintings.  How many kids get to do this? 

The museum is a wonderful place to explore, with Roman busts, prints, and the works of many other artists.  It offers a scavenger hunt for kids of all ages and might even be fun for adults!  With the long winter ahead and not much to do outside, please consider a weekend or evening trip to this special place, and maybe you too will learn something new!