Sara Tjelmeland

Most of the people involved in the Benton Community School District’s activities are aware that we have a Student Council at the middle school and the high school that plan and sponsor many events throughout the year. What members of the community may not know is that there is also a Student Council at Norway Intermediate that does this as well. 

Student Council members at Norway Intermediate are elected by their homeroom classrooms. All students have the opportunity to write a speech that is shared with their homeroom class as to why they would be a good representative for Student Council. Each class votes and elects their representative for the year.

The Student Council sponsors in the building are Rhonda Vogel and Kandi Busta. They help organize and plan the activities with the students.  Some of the activities that they do consist of an annual staff appreciation luncheon, bake sales, writing letters to veterans, treating the students and staff to Kona Ice,  a candle sales fundraiser, purchasing items to sell at the student store, a food drive, a blood drive, and keeping up with the recycling in the building. The money that the Student Council raises throughout the year has gone towards purchases such as, Gaga Ball pits, the outdoor classroom improvements, Frisbee golf,  and a Nine Square game set for the playground will be going up in the spring. These are just a few of the many contributions the Student Council is able to provide for our school and community.