Emily DeNeve

As Norway Intermediate’s interventionist, I teach various small groups throughout my day. During the reading and ELO (extended learning opportunities - formerly known as TAG) small groups, we have an at-home reading challenge in place. This challenge is put in place simply to help students develop the habit of reading at home on a regular basis. When students complete one sheet documenting they read at home for fifteen minutes a total of twelve times, they are able to choose from rotating rewards. These rewards can range from sitting in a comfy chair during group time to choosing from a variety of candy bars to enjoy. Students also have the ability to “climb” the tower of books outside of my classroom. This beautiful tower of books was created and painted by students here in Norway. When the students in my groups turn in one reading sheet, they put their name or picture on the bottom book. Then, every sheet after they turn in their initial one, they move their picture one book higher. My hope is that by having all of these rewards in place, I encourage students to build the habit of reading on a regular basis. If that occurs, these students will end up being lifelong readers.