Nathan Platt

From September 15th through October 15th students at Norway Intermediate celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month. Students with Hispanic heritage were invited to participate in an additional art experience outside of their normal art class. The students met in the art room before the start of each school day. The artists sketched out a variety of drawings that reflected what their Hispanic heritage means to them personally. These initial images resulted in a wide variety of ideas reflecting the students’ pride and interests in their Hispanic heritage. Students then enlarged their sketches to create a large 2’x2’ painting.

Students also wrote individual artist statements to hang next to their paintings. While working on the paintings several students also worked with our Language Instructional Education Program (LIEP) instructor (Mrs. St. John) to research and provide information about their artwork and why they chose to create it. Countries represented in the artworks this year include Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador. 

The paintings and artists statements are currently on display at Norway Intermediate School. Students, teachers and community members passing by can take a moment to enjoy the paintings and discover something new about Hispanic heritage, history and culture.