Jessica Stock

At Benton Community School District we strive to provide a positive environment and experiences for all students, staff and families.  We do this by using a 5:1 ratio of positive reinforcements. Our focus is for students to be respectful, responsible, caring and safe.

Behavior is taught and encouraged through direct instruction within the classroom, around the school, on the playground and on the bus. Students can earn bobcat tickets when they show expected behaviors. Bobcat tickets can be put into school drawings for prizes and rewards.

Interventions are used for those who need them so that all students are able to achieve success within the domains of academics, behavior, and social emotional.

Support systems are used to encourage the continuous growth and development of all students. The tier 1 supports are provided to all students within the classroom. Tier 2 supports are provided to some students who may need them. Tier 3 supports are provided to the few students who may need them.

What is the role of parents/caregivers in PBIS?

PBIS is intended to follow students home and into the community. Parents/caregivers can play a positive role in PBIS by maintaining consistency between home and school. This can be done by creating routines, setting expectations, providing positive feedback/rewards, and connecting with your student about their school day.