Benton CSD

I am truly excited to be a part of the Middle School this year! I am getting opportunities to expand my knowledge and grow professionally. The staff at the Middle School have been very kind and patient with me and my learning curves. I truly appreciate the grace! 

It has been so rewarding for me to see former students in the hallways that have been coming to the Middle/High School for a few years now and some who are transitioning in. It’s hard to believe how much they grow and change in just a few short years! I look forward to the next few years when I get to see more of my former students here at the Middle/High School. 

 I have a couple of goals I would like to accomplish this school year:

  1.  I would like to grow and expand my knowledge working with educational technology.
  2.  I would like to grow professionally by learning how systems function in other grades and settings.