Kelly Buscher

At the beginning of each school year, Norway Intermediate has been having each classroom rotate through our common areas to discuss the building expectations.  For example, common areas would be places where all students go such as the lunchroom, hallways or assemblies.  This activity all ties back to the districts P.B.I.S. initiatives.   P.B.I.S stands for Positive-Behavior-Intervention-Supports.  And every building in the district tries to use the same common words:  Respect-Responsible-Safe-Caring.  Students spend about 10 minutes in each common area as either a review for returning students, or new building expectations for the incoming fourth graders or students new to the district. This activity has been a great way to begin each school year.

Norway also does refresher lessons during the year to remind students of what the expectations are in each common area.  This is a great way to keep the expectations fresh in the minds of students as well as adults in the building.  Keep up the great work Bobcats!!!