Tyler Branat

Safety, Safety, Safety! We started the year providing updated safety and security measures with staff to ensure our building is again ready for students. We have made an early push to ensure safety tips are getting to our students. We can cover the basics at school but I want to ask the parents for extra help. What do we teach at home?

Some student commuters travel many miles to get to school. Each year a new round of students will drive away on that school permit. The Sheriff’s Department can teach valuable lessons on the roadway after the red and blue lights come on, but that can sometimes be very costly. I wanted to share some of the areas where parents can continue to promote safe driving. 

  • School zones will always be 25 miles per hour. Those long school days often lead to fast getaways. Please encourage students to check their speed. 

  • Stopped School buses. Stay mellow, don’t pass the yellow! We had some misunderstandings about school bus stop lights. If there are amber lights, you must prepare to stop. With any red lights and stop sign, you must stop and not pass the bus from either direction.

  • Winter driving will be arriving soon. The delays and closings are always evaluated very carefully. There are just some occasions that are unavoidable. Leave early, or arrive late on this one. Let's not take a chance on the slippery Iowa roads.

Let’s not forget about those younger students! I often lead conversations with stranger danger, fire safety, knowing when to call 911, and remembering that home address. These very simple talks go a long way. I hope my elementary visits about safety make it back to the dinner table. 

The partnership between Benton Community Schools, Benton County Sheriff’s Department, and the communities are leading to safer schools, roads, and cities.