The Benton Community Transportation Department is in its second year of implementation for the student bus attendance system. During the first year, we encountered some glitches and added features as the year went along.  There will be some more changes that we will be rolling out soon after school starts.

We have teamed up with UNITE GPS and will be coming out with a location app. With this app, a parent will be able to follow their student’s route bus, shuttle bus, or activity bus and have real-time data on location and arrival times. When it becomes available, the parent will receive an email that will allow them to sign up and select their student’s route and shuttle buses.

Again this year, each student will receive an ID card. Preschool thru 6th-grade students will be provided with a holder that can be fastened to their backpacks. The 7th thru 12th-grade students will also receive a new ID card. As an option, with a cell phone, a picture can be taken of the ID and that can be used.  It is very important that students use these cards to log on and off the bus for safety and security reasons as well as the Transportation office uses this vital information collected for school and state reports. For lost cards, contact the building secretary or the Transportation Office at 319-228-8426 and a new card will be printed.