James Bieschke

The Benton Community track was installed in 2012 when the new stadium was renovated. At that time the track was expanded to an eight-lane track that surrounded the new turf field. The track was a welcome addition to Benton’s facilities and allowed the district to host district events in a state-of-the-art facility. 

During the renovation in 2012, the district was advised that the track would need to be resurfaced in 8-10 years. Resurfacing consists of scraping off the top layer of the track surface and reapplying that top layer. This work is essential to reestablish a smooth, even surface, prevent injuries, and minimize facility liability issues. It also is required in order to preserve the foundation of the track under the top layer. 

Work will be completed during the summer months and will require the facilities to be closed for about two weeks. We hope this maintenance provides everyone with a facility that is safe, functional, and looks good for years to come.