Jena Heishman

First graders at Atkins Elementary learn and celebrate the many cultures and countries around the world throughout the school year.  They are always intrigued and fascinated by the similarities and differences and the connections they make.  Each year on May 5th first graders get the opportunity to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  Before participating in festivities throughout this day, students spend about two weeks or more learning about the Mexican culture and what Cinco de Mayo is and why it is celebrated.

 First grade students celebrated Cinco de Mayo in many ways this year.  Each class was able to transition to the other three first grade classrooms and engage in various learning activities with each first grade teacher. A few high school students traveled to Atkins to work with students on how to speak food words in English.  Students also created a Mexican flag to hang in the hallway, made a maraca, and also learned the Mexican hat dance.  Later, each class was able to hit their class’s piñata, perform the Mexican hat dance together, and eat chips and salsa.  Students had a lot of fun learning and celebrating together.