Positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) is an ongoing initiative at the Norway Intermediate Center. PBIS is an approach schools can use to promote school safety and positive behavior.  Throughout the school year, we teach our students about behavior expectations in the common areas in our building. Common areas are the areas of the building used by all students. By teaching all of the kids the expectations, they are all being taught the same information and staff are able to respond to positive behavior and, sometimes, problem behavior appropriately. When problem behaviors occur, the theory behind PBIS, is that moment becomes a teachable moment rather than a punitive moment. The main focus of PBIS is to teach prevention, not punishment.

Norway Intermediate celebrates positive behavior each month through Fun Friday.  There are a lot fun indoor and outdoor activities planned for the students to participate in. Some activities are the same from month to month and others are added or removed depending on the season/weather. Some fun activities the students have had the opportunity to experience, are crafts, legos, sledding, May pole dancing, yoga, technology activities, Read & Feed (book and snack), Gaga Ball, football, playground fun and more.