Art Class

My art room is a place filled with smiles and laughter.  And sometimes tears of frustration.  Most days I am greeted with excitement and anticipation from my students.  They are ready to dive into imagination and creativity.  And I am ready to dive too!  My students inspire and impress me every day.

My art room is a safe space to explore.  Art is more than just pencils and paper.  Children in my art room are painting, cutting, gluing, building, sewing, and problem-solving.  They are teaching other children.  They are working together, collaborating, and inventing.  There is no testing or state assessment.  No pressure from other academic demands or pressures.

My art room is a place to heal.  A place to sing (especially before a music program) and a place to talk with your friends.

My room is not really my art room at all, it is “ours”.