Kacey Boone

In our classroom, morning meetings are an engaging and effective way to start our day. Classroom meetings encourage students to create a strong classroom culture as well as develop social, emotional, and academic skills. The skills practiced in morning meetings help to encourage respectful learning through collaborative discussions. Many students will say that our daily morning meetings are their favorite part of the day and it helps them get ready for learning. 

Morning meetings typically last about 20 minutes and are composed of 4 different parts. These parts include greeting each other by name, group sharing, group activity, and setting the intentions for the day. The way our meetings are structured align with our district goal that all students will learn in a safe and caring environment. Teachers implement structures that support a welcoming and engaging and optimistic learning experience for students.

Observation from many years of doing classroom meetings proves that this daily routine is effective. Students have shown growth in the areas of conflict resolution, empathy for others, and communication skills. As this year continues, I am excited to see how students continue to grow and implement these skills into their daily lives.