Keystone Staff 2

I have been blessed to be a member of the Bobcat Family for the past five years!  This family expands yearly as I meet more community members, staff, and students.  The Benton Community School District has made me feel like a “family member” from day one.  This was evident from the time I was given tours of each of the elementary buildings.   I was greeted with welcoming words and genuine smiles from everyone I met.  This still transpires whenever I enter one of our school buildings; no matter how long it’s been.

The Bobcat Family is also visible between staff and students.   Students see adults caring and respecting each other on a daily basis.  This enables them to open their hearts and minds and treat others like members of their family.  Whether it be being greeted with a welcoming hug from a student, or having them ask to eat lunch with you, creates a warm and welcoming family atmosphere.  I look forward to meeting all future Bobcats that join our family!