Kim Lynch

What lifts you? What makes you happy? Atkins Elementary students were asked these questions and then asked to participate in making a #WhatLiftsYou interactive piece of art for the school hallway. Each student designed a wing piece to put with others made by elementary students and created a giant set of wings. The idea was carried out by Mrs. Ziegenhorn, the Atkins art teacher, and inspired by Kelsey Montague, an American illustrator, interactive street artist, and founder of the #WhatLiftsYou global campaign. 

The students at Atkins Elementary were able to step into their work and become a living piece of art.  Third Grade then used our district-wide interactive parent-teacher platform, Seesaw, to record what lifts them, what makes them happy, and sent it home for parents, grandparents, and siblings to see and hear. This recording will be a part of the student’s ongoing portfolio throughout their school years at Benton Community. Thank you to Mrs. Ziegenhorn for your many hours of work and for introducing the importance of art in our student’s lives.