Benton Community 9th grade students began school on Monday, August 23. At some point this year, each freshman will participate in an American History course. High School history courses serve a few purposes. First, they help to inform students about their own nation and culture. By generating a broad historical knowledge base, students are more equipped to critically assess the modern world with a proper historical perspective. Second, history courses help develops important analytical skills. As many users of social media understand, sourcing, analyzing, and contextualizing information is essential to filter fact from fiction, truth from narrative, and legitimate information from the dreaded “fake news.” Finally, history classes at the secondary education level allow students to engage with important themes such as the nature of freedom and equality, the political process, economic developments, foreign policy, and change over time.

After being introduced to these themes, student Addesyn Duball commented, “I think these are important themes to learn because they impact our lives today.” Another student, Baileigh Waddell added that she was looking forward to learning about how the United States has worked with the global community since WWII.

By engaging with these themes and topics, we at Benton Community High School hope to equip our students to engage with the modern world having gained important skills and perspectives.