Ms. Trumpold's 4th Grade Classroom

As educators, we have the privilege to meet our families each year at Open House. They come to our building and classrooms to visit with teachers about their child. Last year, students in 4th grade were unable to see their classrooms because of the extensive damage our building sustained from the August 10, 2020 Derecho so it was a wonderful opportunity to open our doors and classrooms for families and students once again. Prior to our open house, many hours were spent preparing for students to come into our classrooms. Many teachers begin prepping for the school year in late July or the beginning of August. Posters, bulletin boards, books, iPads, and supplies are hung on walls and decorated for a welcoming environment.


Though many of us wish our classrooms stayed as organized as they were on that first day of school, we are all very excited to see our students make our classrooms their own. Soon the walls will be filled with handwritten posters, drawings from students, new vocabulary words, and student projects. The floor will be home to markers, pencils, erasers, and papers but it is worth every minute we spend making our classrooms a safe learning environment for students.