Bus Attendance System

The Benton Community School District has installed a new bus attendance system on all buses. This technology enables the school transportation office to keep track of student attendance on each of our school buses and shuttles.  We are also able to follow the routes of our school buses and respond to them quickly if we need to change a pick-up or drop-off as well as a change in the bus route.  In the case of inclement weather or any bus issues, we will know immediately where the bus is located.  

How the attendance system works:

When a student is picked up, whether at school or home, they will scan a UPC code on their school ID card.  ID cards from last school year will be used at the start of this year and we will also distribute new ID cards at Open House and the first day of school.  Students will also receive an additional new ID card after school pictures early in September.  

After scanning in upon entry on the bus, the student will then be accounted for on the computerized attendance system.  When the bus departs, students will again scan their ID card to remove themselves from the bus attendance roster. All Benton Community and Central Lutheran School students will use cards to ride any of our school buses whether it be to school, home, or activities. 

This new technology will allow school administration to see, in real time, if a bus has stalled or pulled over, encountered an accident or any other mishap on a regular route or shuttle with an exact location. It will also be utilized for out-of-district trips. Activity buses can now be monitored on their late-night return trips. This technology will be especially helpful in inclement weather.

The Benton Community School District is looking forward to utilizing the information that this new technology offers and the benefits it will bring to the transportation department.