Dawn Morris

Dump trucks and backhoes adorn the walls of the kitchens in Benton Community this week. “Celebrity” Servers could be found with their hard hats on, serving breakfast with a smile among the construction cones and caution signs.

March 6-10 is National School Breakfast Week with a theme of “Dig In to School Breakfast”. This fun breakfast atmosphere aided our department in bringing awareness to the importance of our students and staff eating a nutritious meal, especially at breakfast.

The celebration included breakfast stickers, construction themed decor and the “Celebrity Servers” at our Elementary and Intermediate centers. Ask your student who they may have seen serving breakfast during the week!

 Breakfast is an important part of our day and we are working diligently to revamp our breakfast program. Our goal is that students will choose our healthy breakfast to help fuel their day! Want to see what we have to offer? Menus can be viewed on our district website: https://www.benton.k12.ia.us/p...