Erin Van Sickle

As the Math Interventionist, I support students who need a little extra help in math. Many of the groups I serve use the Bridges Intervention Curriculum. Before starting at Benton, I had never heard of this curriculum. Now that I use it every day, I can see it is an amazing curriculum.

Bridges works to bridge the gap between what the students know and their learning in the classroom. To decide which specific volume to focus on. There are four volumes for elementary and eight total for the curriculum. Volume 1 focuses on Counting and Early Place Value, Volume 2 focuses on Basic Addition and Subtraction, Volume 3 is heavily focused on Base Ten Operations, Place Value, and Addition and Subtraction strategies within 1000, and Volume 4 is focused on Story Problems using Addition and Subtraction. 

Within the curriculum, there are placement assessments that I give the students (already made and ready to go). This placement assessment helps with determining which module (or unit) of instruction is needed for this student. I have used all of the modules and have seen so many of my students make progress with this curriculum! At the beginning of the year, it was new territory for me and the students, but over the course of the year, all of us have grown in our learning!