Vote Today

The Benton Community School District is proposing a $48.5 million general obligation (G.O.) bond (in addition to approximately $10 million sales tax revenue to cover the balance) referendum today, March 7, 2023, for long-overdue facility improvements. The bond proposes improvements at Atkins Elementary School, upgrades to the Middle/High School, and construction of a new PK-6th grade Elementary School Building in Van Horne. The improvements include much-needed deferred maintenance, and will set the foundation for the district to offer robust academic and extracurricular activities and rewarding experiences for students and staff.

Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. TODAY.

If you live in Benton County - vote at your regular precinct.

  • Big Grove-Union-Van Horne - vote at Van Horne Community Center

  • Eldorado-Newhall - vote at Newhall City Hall

  • Florence-St. Clair-Norway - vote at St. Michael's Parish Center

  • Fremont-Atkins - vote at Atkins City Hall/Library

  • Homer-Kane-Keystone - vote at Keystone City Hall

  • Iowa-Leroy-Luzerne-Blairstown - vote at Blairstown City Hall/Community Center

If you live in Tama County - vote at your precinct in Elberon - Elberon Community Building, 106 Main St., Elberon

If you live in Iowa County - vote at your precinct in Middle Amana - Middle Amana Fire Station, 2725 K. Street, Middle Amana

See the attached documents from the county Auditors' offices for where to vote. If you have questions about voting, please contact your Auditor's office.

Benton County
Iowa County
Tama County

Attached are sample ballots for each county and information regarding the 2 questions on the ballot. PLEASE REMEMBER, the ballot includes 2 questions.

  • Question one describes the planned projects.

  • Question two explains how the projects will be funded.

Voters who support the bond referendum must vote "yes" on each question. If a voter marks "yes" on one question and "no" on the other question, this is essentially a "no" vote. If a voter does not support the bond referendum, two "no" selections would be selected.

The school district is required to have two "yes" selections for voter approval of the bond referendum.