Julie Kaestner

February is an exciting month for preschool because we explore different types of jobs or careers that we might aspire to be.  I always start by asking any parents in the class to come to school and share their job with us.  This year we were ecstatic to get THREE parent volunteers!

On Monday, February 27, Mrs. Sam Isaac and Mrs. Leah Kurka visited our classroom and brought along many of the instruments they use at Atkins Family Clinic to keep us all healthy.  They were wonderful about letting the class touch and explore all of their items so they could see how they work. They also performed an experiment with us that showed us how many germs are still left on our hands even after we wash them!  We learned that careful handwashing is key to keeping germs away.

One of the big questions that arose was, “How many shots do we need?” The class loved getting to take home goodie bags from the clinic and playing with the instruments.  Because of the weather and scheduling, our next visitors are going to be Mr. Alex Wink who is a police officer, and Mrs. Stephanie Becker who is a NP.

Thank you so much to our volunteers for sharing their careers and time with us!