Stephanie Timmerman

Iowa Immunization Law requires all 12th graders to have proof of the Meningococcal vaccination before school starts in August. (11th graders this year)

Iowa Immunization law also requires all 7th graders to have a Meningococcal and a Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis) booster before school starts in August.  (6th graders this year)

Meningococcal disease is a life-threatening illness that is caused by bacteria that infects the brain, blood, and spinal cord and is easily spread in crowded settings.  Pertussis is a very contagious disease that causes violent coughing fits that make it hard to breathe. 

There will be NO grace/extension period for the implementation of this requirement.

Also, for all 9th graders (8th grade this year) a dental screening completed within one year prior to enrollment is mandatory. These can be turned in to the health office at the MS/HS.