Traffic Pattern

Keystone Elementary Families & Keystone Residents, 

In collaboration with the City of Keystone and the team at Benton Community, I am writing to communicate the new traffic pattern for drop off and pick up at Keystone Elementary. The purpose for this traffic pattern request is to increase student safety. Before and after school are busy times of day with more traffic around the building. As students depart on buses, in cars, or on foot, we want to ensure each of them safely reach their individual destinations. 

 Keystone Elementary Traffic Requests/Specifics: (Map below)

  • One-way direction of traffic when students are being dropped off or picked up (BLUE ARROWS on Map) - This will also allow for students to be curb-side when being dropped off or picked up from school. This will reduce the number of students who have to cross the street. This will be NORTH on 3rd Avenue and WEST on 4th Street.

  • This one-way traffic request is from 7:15-8:15 AM and 3:00-4:00 PM. 

  • No cars in the horseshoe directly in front of the building - buses only.

  • The road closure is at the far west crosswalk (RED LINE) to allow for safer access to and from the building for students on foot.

  • Visitor parking will be in the alley or curbside outside of the marked areas. 

  • Crosswalks have been painted on the street. 

  • This will create fewer chances of buses being interfered with by cars or students being dropped off.

Please see the map below. I understand that this will take some getting used to as we return to school this fall.  We appreciate your patience, flexibility, and support as we work to implement this safety protocol.  

 If you have any specific questions about this request, please contact me at or by calling Keystone Elementary at 319-442-3221.

Anna Upah

Keystone Elementary Principal

VEHICLES - Please plan to follow the BLUE arrows for pick up or drop off. 

7:15-8:15 AM - Drop off

3:00-4:00 PM - Pick up