The middle school concert band and jazz bands have hit the ground running this year! Our first concert of the year is on November 23rd and we started preparing the music for it the second week. Even though the concert date seemed like a long time away, the rehearsal time flies by due to the schedule. Concert band and jazz band alternate days so that each group can meet during the school day, which is a great opportunity for them. Each band will perform three pieces. The concert band is playing a patriotic piece, a selection from the musical “Wicked” and a piece from the movie “Polar Express”.  The jazz band is playing three different styles of jazz for the concert. The three styles are jazz-rock, pop, and a ballad.

The students receive a lesson during the school day. We are using an 8-day cycle so that every student can receive an individual lesson. During the lesson, the student and I are able to concentrate on specific techniques he or she needs in order to improve their playing. Having the opportunity to work with each student is a great opportunity for me to get to know them better as a musician and a person. It is great to see all their hard work come together when they rehearse as a full ensemble. The students enjoy being part of the instrumental music program and are looking forward to performing at their concerts this year.