Paintings fill the hallways extending from the art room at Benton Community’s MS/HS center in Van Horne. The all-student exhibit showcases large 24”x24” paintings created by middle school students. The display offers students and staff members a snapshot of the wide variety of student interests and hobbies. The display itself becomes a visual representation of the popular culture that middle school students value today. Favorite sports teams, video games, apps, and other logos hang in the hallways alongside paintings of historical figures, solar systems, or landscapes, both real and imagined. There are thirty to forty paintings on display at the MS/HS at any given time. Each display eventually comes down and new paintings are displayed six times throughout the school year.

At the Norway Intermediate center, fourth through sixth-grade student artwork is also on display in the hallways during the school year. The large 24”x24” paintings are created by students that have an interest in exploring additional art enrichment opportunities outside of their regularly assigned art class. Additional art opportunities are also offered to students at the Norway center through PBIS behavior rewards and other art intervention programs.

The Benton Art Department also worked together with local libraries in the area to further showcase student artwork in the community. Thanks to local library board members there are currently thirty large painting frames spread throughout south Benton County. After student artworks have been displayed in the schools, many artworks will make their way into those library frames. Keep an eye out for student artwork at local libraries including Atkins, Blairstown, Keystone, Newhall, Norway, and Van Horne!