post it

One simple note can change your day. 

One simple act of kindness can change someone else’s day. 

Positive Post-it  Day was created in 2014 by a young high school student named Caitlin Haacke. She was tired of all the negativity and bullying in her school.  Caitlin spent an entire weekend writing thoughtful notes to every student in her school and hung them on their lockers.  News of Caitlin’s kindness spread and now Positive Post-it  Day is celebrated in schools across the country. 

Mrs. Bishop recently completed a Bucket Filling unit in Kindergarten, where students wrote caring notes to staff and hand-delivered them. The students were able to bring joy to staff and others through a simple note. Atkins Elementary students and staff are proud to continue this effort, spreading joy and kindness and combating bullying in our area. 

This year we decided to extend Positive Post-it Day by having students write notes throughout the month of May. We are also encouraging students to continue sending notes to friends and family all summer long.

We continue to work toward being respectful, responsible, safe and caring Bobcats socially and academically. Celebrating Positive Post-it  Month allows our students to work on these skills in an authentic way during the school day. 

Following a year of uncertainty, we want to provide students with the understanding that culture is what you make it. Hearing students and teachers speaking and living these encouraging words in the hall has sparked excitement to end this school year with joy and caring. We, at Atkins Elementary, want ALL students to know they truly belong and are cared for at Benton Community Schools.