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    Quality Education for a Lifetime of Learning

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School Board Info & Members

School Board Info

Regular board meetings are held the third Wednesday of the month starting at 7:00 p.m. The meeting location is the Board Room, Central Administration Office, 304 1st Street, Van Horne unless communicated otherwise.

Past agendas and minutes of board meetings are also available on the district website.

More than 2,000 men and women serve on local public school boards in Iowa, guiding the education of more than 480,000 young people while overseeing a budget of $4.4 billion.

School board members are elected by their local communities in an election held the second Tuesday of September in odd numbered years. They serve four-year terms.

Local school boards may have five or seven members. They may be elected at large, from director districts or in several combinations of at-large and districts, depending on the system locally adopted. The school board secretary can inform prospective candidates about the structure of the local board, and the voters who may cast ballots for each seat. About 70 percent of Iowa's 359 public K-12 school boards have five members and 30 percent of the boards have seven members.

School board members receive no pay. Their reward is the satisfaction they receive from public service.

The board of directors of a school district operates as a corporate body. Individual school board members have no authority to act independently, and cannot commit or bind the board by their individual actions. Powers and duties of the board must be exercised by the board as a whole.

School Board Members

  • Roy Becker District #1 Term Expires 2019
  • Theresa Thompson District #2 Term Expires 2019
  • Matt Nolte District #3 Term Expires 2019
  • Patrick Stepanek, Board President District #4 Term Expires 2017
  • Theresa Ludeking District #5 Term Expires 2017
  • Wayne Reinhardt Board Vice President District #6 Term Expires 2017
  • Shannon Feuerbach District #7 Term Expires 2019
District Contact

Phone: 319-228-8701
Fax: 319-228-8254